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wireless microphone for iphone or ipad

Wireless lavalier microphone with 50' of range for the iPhone, and iPad.  Works great and simple to use and setup.


Now includes 37mm .45x lens, lens cloth, and lens wipe! All for $69.95 an free delivery in the U.S. and low rates worldwide.  The perfect Makayama Movie Mount for your iPad Air.


Now includes 37mm .45x lens, safety strap, big lens cloth, and lens wipe! All for $69.95 with free U.S. delivery and low rates worldwide. 


The new amazing Makayama movie mount for iPad 3, iPad 4 and now fits the iPad 2!  This item includes a .45x wide angle lens and has an option for a super wide lens for shooting video and a telephoto for getting up close!


The Makayama Universal Mobile Movie System is designed with options to fit many mobile devices.  See complete list on details page for this product.

Click through to the details page to view an intoductory video of this incredible new product.


Use the Makayama Movie Mount for iPad Mini to shoot better video with your iPad Mini. 

The Makayama Movie Mount for iPad Mini includes a 37mm .45x wide angle lens that has been specifically tested by our team of Pros and works perfectly.


This iHat5 Kit includes the iHat 5 case, lens, tripod connection point and video bracket with 2 hotshoes for quick attachment of accessories.  Simply snap phone in the case and start capturing.


The Makayama Movie Mount is a unique piece of hardware which allows you to radically improve video capture with the iPad2. It turns your iPad into a complete studio. Use tele- and wide angle lenses, attach microphones and lights. Use a tripod for super stable shots and much more.


iPhone 5 or 5s Movie System - Complete kit that transforms the iPhone 5 or 5s into a complete professional photo and video system.  Distortiion free large wide angle lens is a real stunner and more!


This amazing Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX80 camera kit will shoot approximately 17.5mm ultra wide video.  The WX80 also has wifi built in!


Single shotgun microphone kit with special adapter cable and 1 ATR6650 shotgun mics.  Works fantastic with your iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2, 3 and 4 and Mini.

dual wireless mic system for iphone or iPad

A true dual wireless microphone system for your mobile device.  Works with iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and most other mobile devices.  Two mics, one headset, two receivers, two transmitters and one special splitter that allows for all three accessories to be attached(2 mics and a headset)!