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  1. Basic video edit with stabilization and hosting of the video just $9.95 per tour
  2. Personal Branding option FREE on every tour.  Includes branded/unbranded version, stabilization, and hosting of the video.
  3. Google Earth Aerial Flydown option just $4.95
  4. Narration option just $9.95 per tour
  5. Re-edit for agent mistake just $9.95
  6. PRIORITY EDITING: All Broker/Videographer edits will be placed at the top of the edit queue and edited same day(files and order must be placed by 12 noon M-F in order to be processed that same day)
  7. Training of Office Videographer.  HDHat will also add the fee for the videographer into the 'per agent' tour order form and pay the office videographer directly to ensure that the Broker has no management responsibility for implementation of the Broker Video Plan outside of finding a person to film the listings.
    EXAMPLE: If broker agrees to pay a local person $60 to film a listing then HDhat will add $60 on the order form so that when an agent orders a video their cost will be $60 plus the options they request on that video.  HDhat will then pay the videographer the $60 directly so that Broker is not involved in the tour management and order process.
  8. Custom order form for the office agents or videographer to use when submitting video tour edit and filming requests.  
  9. Yearly use of Professional Panasonic wide-angle designed for interior real estate video camera kit.  Requires a $599 deposit that is refundable when the camera kit is returned to HDhat.